The Museum of the Modern Olympic Games

The Museum of Modern Olympic Games was founded in Olympia in 1961. Its inspirer was the fan, art lover and philatelist George Papastefanou – Provatakis. The Museum of the Olympic Games exhibits material covering the modern Olympic Games and a unique collection of stamps. Olympic medals, torches, photos and posters of competitions, pins , commemorative series of stamps and coins and much more from summer and winter Olympic Games.

In 1964 the building where the Museum was housed and the material of its collections came into the ownership of the Olympic Games Committee with a donation of Georgios Papastefanou, who, inspired by the Olympic Spirit, enriched the material of the Museum. In 1968, construction work began on a new building to house the Museum, and on July 27, 1972, the new 400-square-meter Museum of Modern Olympic Games was inaugurated, under the auspices of the Ephorate of the International Olympic Academy. After the earthquake of June 8, 2008 the building suffered several damages and in 2010, the operation of the museum was stopped.


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