The Municipality of Ancient Olympia is situated in the prefecture of Elias, in the northwestern Peloponnese, south of Greece.

Olympia, over the years, has developed to one of the most picturesque parts of Greece, where one may encounter rich and lush forests, natural springs and traditional settlements, which coexist harmoniously with magnificent archaeological sites and historical monuments, only kilometres away from our amazing sandy beaches.


The Municipality of Ancient Olympia is a so-called ‘Kallicratic’, is composed by 41 smaller compartments – villages while Olympia remains the Head of the Municipality. Our Municipality’s population counts approximately 13.409 residents and its extent reaches to about 544.880m2, while the three rivers that pass through our Municipality are the Alfios River, Erimanthos and Enippeas. There are 42 regular employees working for the City Hall, in different sectors and every year another 15-20 people are hired for a specific period of time, as season-personnel.


The area of Ancient Olympia’s Municipality, birthplace of the Olympic Games, constitutes an International place for Athletics, Culture and Peace. It’s unique Archaeological Site, the Archaeological Museum, The International Olympic Academy, the Archaeological Museum of the Olympic Games as well as the Museum of the Modern Olympic Games make Olympia a sacred place worthwhile visiting, an area of international interest.