The Municipal Department of Ancient Olympia was initially formed as the former Municipality that had been established by the “Kapodistrias” program and the merging of 23 communities. It consists of the Communities Ancient Olympia (headquarters), Ancient Pissa (Miraka),  Aspra Spitia, Vasilaki, Heraklia, Kamena, Kaukonia, Kladeo, Koskina, Kryoneri, Linaria, Louvro, Magira, Mouria, Xirokampos, Pelopio, Peukes, Platanos, Pournari, Smila, Strefi, Floka and Helidoni. It operated as a Municipality in the period 1999-2010, when, with the implementation of the “Kallikratis” program in 2010, it was abolished and joined the new Municipality of Ancient Olympia. With the heavy cultural heritage of the world craddle of Olympism, the Department of Ancient Olympia, based in the homonymous Community, which is also the seat of the Municipality, includes lowland and semi-mountainous areas while in its southern part it is bordered by the Alfeios river.