Pole of attraction for thousands of visitors from all over the world, Ancient Olympia, remains firmly in the second place of visit, right after the Acropolis, as the universal place of Sports, Culture and Peace. The unique Archaeological Site which Unesco has declared a World Heritage Site, the International Olympic Academy, the thematic Archaeological Museum of the Olympic Games as well as the Museum of the Modern Olympic Games make Olympia a sacred place worthwhile visiting, an area of international interest.


Brief historical background

Following an agreement between the Greek government and Germany in the early 1870s, and after some years of consultation, the German Archaeological School begins the first excavations in Olympia, bringing to light the hidden treasures of the Greek culture, causing worldwide interest in travelers, people of spirit and the first visitors-tourists.

The multitude of findings of the excavations leads to the construction of the Museum of the History of the ancient Olympic Games named “Syggreion” in 1883-1886 with the help of the great donor Andreas Syggros.

Later on, between 1894-1896, the railway line was built as well as the historic hotel SPAP “Railways of Piraeus Athens Peloponnese”, which hosted visitors coming to Olympia to admire the treasures of the “Altis” but also hosted kings, heads of state and modern personalities who sealed the world’s history.

The Torch Relay of the Olympic Flame for the Olympic Games of Berlin in 1936, but also the construction of the facilities of the Olympic Academy in 1961, (owned by the Hellenic Olympic Committee and located just a few hundred meters from the sacred “Altis” in Ancient Olympia), helped the flourishment of tourist development in the area.

Blessed by the gods

Ancient Olympia Municipality's sightseeings

Blessed by the gods with some of the best scenic landscapes, rich in natural beauty and history, Ancient Olympia’s Municipality is an ideal destination for holidays full of nature and culture, action, adventure or relaxation. Mountains with beautiful mountain peaks, unique forests, waterfalls and rivers that cross magical landscapes and fertile valleys compose an amazing variety of ecosystems, which meet rich archaeological sites and attractions and make Ancient Olympia’s Municipality one of the top destinations.

Our Municipality has extraordinary climate, nature and interests for the whole year around. It has a great range of interests and activities and is now a destination for all forms of alternative and thematic tourism such as conference, student, religious, agritourism, medicine, gastronomy, sports and adventure travel. The area of Ancient Olympia is a place full of references to the glorious past, but also a “living” holiday destination and not just an open Museum.

The area of Ancient Olympia’s Municipality, birthplace of the Olympic Games, constitutes an International place for Athletics, Culture and Peace. It’s unique Archaeological Site, the Archaeological Museum, The International Olympic Academy, the Archaeological Museum of the Olympic Games as well as the Museum of the Modern Olympic Games make Olympia a sacred place worthwhile visiting, an area of international interest.

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Most important sightseeings of Ancient Olympia :

  1. The Archaeological Site, one of the most important sites of Greece, which has been characterised by UNESCO as a Monument of International Cultural Inheritance.( )
  2. The Archaeological Museum that contains the most important statue collection, with outstanding those of Hermes by Praxitelis and Nike by Paionios. (
  3. The thematic Museum of the History of the Ancient Olympic Games, which is presently hosted in the renovated building of the first Archaeological Museum of Olympia. (
  4. The Museum of the Modern Olympic Games that contains an enormous number of collections from the Modern Olympic Games. (
  5. The International Olympic Academy, the spiritual foundation of modern Olympism, which every year trains hundreds of members of the Olympic and sports movement. ( ).
  6. The Monument of Coubertin, the revivalist of the modern Olympic Games, where, according to his desire, his heart is embalmed. ( )
  7. The Archimedes Museum of Ancient Greek Technology by Professor Kotsanas (
  8. The new museum-educational center “DIG-IT” on Archeology and Excavation. (
  9. The picturesque theatre of Drouva, in the heart of the pine forest, very close to the archaeological site.
  10. The great Floka Theater, which each year hosts Ancient Olympia’s International Festival of the Arts during the summer months of July and August.(
  11. The Botanical Garden, located at the foot of Kronios Hill (


In the wider environment of Ancient Olympia, the visitor can discover:

  1. The waterfalls of the river Erymanthos (Nemouta).
  2. The Foloi Oak Forest (Natura 2000), unique in the whole Balkans.
  3. The Environmental Museum Information Center of Foloi Oak Forest.
  4. The Culture & Environment Center of Divri “ARCHONTIKO PETRALIA”.
  5. The Stone-built monasteries and churches of Divri.
  6. The Museum of Foloi “BABIS PAPATHEODOROU”.
  7. The Folklore Museum of Cultural and Rural Heritage in the village Aspra Spitia.
  8. The Byzantine church of Agioi Anargyroi in the village Androni.
  9. The picturesque gorge of Antroni.
  10. The vaulted tombs of the Holy Trinity.
  11. The Monastery of Notena.
  12. The traditional water mill in the village Orini.
  13. The Gunpowder Mills of Psaros.
  14. Walking trails and paths in nature.



Other sightseeings