The culture and the cultural background of any region are the elements that compose its unique tradition and identity, offering the potential benefit of the local development of ecotourism and any other alternative forms of tourism.

Aiming to highlight creation

Municipality of Ancient Olympia & Culture


The revival of the Olympic games of 1896 in Greece, led to a series of Symbolic revivals, such as the ancient Torch run. The first torch run and Relay Ceremony of the Olympic Flame in its modern form was presented in 1936 at the Berlin Olympics, although there are numerous torch relay reports between 1896 and 1936. Baron Pierre De Coubertin, after many consultations with important people of the time, began to cultivate and mature the idea of the Flame in the circles of the modern Olympic Movement. The paternity of the idea of conducting the torch run from Greece to Germany for the Olympic Games of Berlin is attributed to Carl Diem, chairman of the German Olympic Committee, who together with our Ioannis Ketseas, had the final idea of the Torch run and the Olympic Flame Relay.
Since then, the Relay of the OLYMPIC Flame and the ceremony were established in Ancient Olympia, linking the modern Olympic Games with the Apollonius Light and the multitude of symbolism that accompanies them.
After the Relay Ceremony in Olympia’ s ancient stadium, the Olympic Flame is carried out around the world, in order to unify, in a symbolical manner, the 5 continents achieving an ultimate aim; the reinforcement of the Olympic Truce importance, the cease of fire during the Olympic games and the realization of the human dream for Worldwide Peace.
The Relay Ceremony and Torch Run of the Olympic Flame always cultivate feelings of friendship and fellowship among young people all over the world and is the hope for worldwide peace.


The Municipality of Ancient Olympia, in the context of the Olympic Day celebration, which has been established and is celebrated worldwide every year on June 23, aiming to promote the Olympic values and the Olympic movement in general, organizes relevant events always dedicated to the first President of the International Olympic Committee, Dimitrios Vikelas, who made a decisive contribution to the successful revival of the Olympic Games, but also to the subsequent consolidation of the institution.


Ancient Olympia’s International Festival of the Arts, is held throughout the year and culminates during the months of July and August. It is an important cultural center for our region and a point of reference, holding a number of events of high artistic level. With a journey of 22 years, and the first performance in it’s history with the Balshoi ballet legend, Mikael Baryshnikov, up until today, the OLYMPIA Theater (Floka), has highlighted and enriched the already heavy cultural heritage of Olympia with performances and events of art and culture and has been recognized not only in the narrow context of our country, but also internationally.

The International Festival of Ancient Olympia, in 2017 was selected and distinguished by the European EFFE Festival Commission with the corresponding EFFE LABEL 2017-2018 certification, and is now a member of the pan-European network of festivals that offer to the public high quality artistic activities and have a significant impact on local, national and international level. With music from all over the Mediterranean, with theaters, dances, art exhibitions and speeches, concerts and workshops, screenings, Ancient Olympia’s International Festival of the Arts is a great celebration, inviting locals and foreigners to visit the area.

The aim of Ancient Olympia’s International Festival of the Arts is to become a hive of culture, which in addition to hosting seasonal performances, will produce its own theatrical, musical and dance performances, will collaborate with other festivals in the country and abroad in creating performances and educational events, will design and implement music and theatrical seminars, experiential workshops for all ages and a variety of innovative artistic activities in non-theatrical spaces.(


On the occasion of the celebration of the International Day of Peace, which has been established by the UN and is celebrated all over the world on September 21, our Municipality organizes in Ancient Olympia, the cradle of Peace and Fellowship of People,relative festive events in order to strengthen the universal ideals of reconciliation of all nations and people of the earth. In collaboration with schools of the Municipality, we symbolically send the message of Peace from the ancient stadium of Olympia.


Our Municipality has a rich cultural background and an enviable potential of talented and creative people. The small festival of our tradition is an important contribution and priority in highlighting the cultural identity and history of our region. At the same time, it enhances the comparative advantage of the cultural and natural environment and connects them with tourism in all its forms. The above includes local history and tradition, myths, agricultural heritage, local cuisine, natural environment. The events include traditional dances and music events, an exhibition of folk handicrafts and tools of traditional professions, a photo exhibition from cultural associations, but also traditional products of our area, traditional flavors, food and sweets from our villages.

Olympic Flame Relay Ceremony & Torch Run

ΑΦΗ ΟΛΥΜΠΙΑΚΗΣ ΦΛΟΓΑΣ ΚΑΙ ΛΑΜΠΑΔΗΔΡΟΜΙΑ Η αναβίωση των Ολυμπιακών Αγώνων του 1896 στην Ελλάδα επεκτάθηκε και σε μια σειρά συμβολικών αναβιώσεων, όπως η αρχαία λαμπαδηφορία. Η πρώτη όμως λαμπαδηδρομία και


Olympic Day

Ο Δήμος Αρχαίας Ολυμπίας στο πλαίσιο του εορτασμού της Ολυμπιακής ημέρας, που έχει καθιερωθεί και εορτάζεται κάθε χρόνο στις 23 Ιουνίου σε παγκόσμιο επίπεδο, με στόχο την προβολή των ολυμπιακών


Αgritourism celebration

Ο Δήμος μας διαθέτει ένα πλούσιο πολιτιστικό απόθεμα κι ένα αξιοζήλευτο δυναμικό ταλαντούχων και δημιουργικών ανθρώπων. Το μικρό φεστιβάλ της παράδοσης μας αποτελεί σημαντική συμβολή και προτεραιότητα στην ανάδειξη της


Olympic Truce

HOPE FOR A PERMANENT UNIVERSAL RECONCILIATION Την προσπάθεια παγκόσμιας καταξίωσης και κατοχύρωσης της Ολυμπιακής Εκεχειρίας, που αποτελεί το ύψιστο αγαθό των ολυμπιακών αγώνων, έχει ξεκινήσει ο Δήμος Αρχαίας Ολυμπίας σε

δήμος αρχαίας ολυμπίας

The Archaeological site of Olympia

One of the most important archeological sites in Greece, which Unesco has declared a World Heritage Site ( The Sanctuary of Olympia Life began in the Sacred Altis (Grove) at