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Every visitor or user of the website www.arxaiaolympia.gov.gr must, before visiting or using the pages, read and study carefully the terms of use as follows. In case of disagreement, he must not make use of them. Otherwise it is presumed that he/she explicitly and unreservedly accepts these terms of use and gives his/her consent. The following terms of use apply to all content on our site.

Network liability limitation

The website of our Municipality, www.arxaiaolympia.gov.gr, without guaranteeing and therefore being responsible, makes every effort to ensure that the information and all content are governed by the utmost accuracy, clarity, time proximity, completeness, accuracy and availability.
In no event, including that of negligence, shall the municipality be liable for any damage caused to the public as a result of this use of the website.

Intellectual and industrial property rights
The entire content of the website www.arxaiaolympia.gov.gr, including, but not limited to, texts, news, graphics, photographs, blueprints, illustrations, services provided and generally any kind of files is the property of copyright and is governed by national, European and international copyright provisions, with the exception of explicitly recognized third party rights. Therefore, reproduction, republishing, copying, storage, sale, transmission, distribution, publication, execution, “download”, translation, modification in any way, in part or in summary without the prior written consent of the Beneficiary is expressly prohibited.The registered trademarks and names contained in this website are registered trademarks and are protected by the above intellectual property provisions.Exceptionally, the individual storage and copying of parts of the website content on a simple personal computer is allowed for strictly personal use, without the intention of commercial or other exploitation and always under the condition of indicating its source, without this meaning in any way granting rights of  intellectual property. Everything else included in the web pages of www.arxaiaolympia.gov.gr constitute trademarks and copyrighted products of third parties belong to their own sphere of responsibility and have nothing to do with www.arxaiaolympia.gov.gr.

Obligations of visitor / user

The visitor / user of www.arxaiaolympia.gov.gr is obliged to comply with the existing provisions of Greek, European and international law and the relevant legislation governing telecommunications. In addition, he/she must refrain from any illegal and abusive use of the content and services of this website. Any damage caused to the above website www.arxaiaolympia.gov.gr by the visitor / user due to misuse and improper use of the relevant services, falls exclusively within his/her area of ​​responsibility. In the event of any action, claim, administrative or judicial, resulting from any form of infringement of the user, against this website, the latter undertakes, on one hand, to intervene in the relevant court proceedings and on the other hand to compensate the website in case he/she is obliged to pay compensation or other expenses.


The website www.arxaiaolympia.gov.gr refers to other websites in the form of links but does not bear any responsibility for their content and services, as well as for the terms of management and protection of personal data they use, nor does it guarantee their availability . The visitor / user of the linked sites is solely responsible for any problems that may arise due to their content and / or services.

The website www.arxaiaolympia.gov.gr provides the visitor / user with the opportunity to vote on its services, on current issues, which the website formulates in the form of questions. The website www.arxaiaolympia.gov.gr determines the specific conditions for participation in the voting, also retaining the right to interrupt it.The answers to the above are recorded, analyzed and commented by www.arxaiaolympia.gov.gr, in order to draw conclusions regarding the positions of public opinion on a specific issue, which has been put to vote. The website www.arxaiaolympia.gov.gr has the exclusive right to collect and use the above data. Their findings are its intellectual property.

Collection and Use of Information
The Municipality of Ancient Olympia is the sole owner of the information collected on this website. This information will not be sold, shared or rented to third parties beyond what is stated in this statement. The website www.arxaiaolympia.gov.gr collects information from its visitors / users in various parts of the site.

Applicable law and other terms
This contract of use is governed by the provisions of Greek and International Law, as well as the directives and Regulations of European Law.It is interpreted on the basis of the rules of good faith, transactional ethics and the economic and social purpose of the right.

In the event that a provision is deemed contrary to the law and therefore invalid or void, it automatically ceases to be valid, without, in any case, affecting the validity of the other terms.

Competent courts for any disputes arising from this contract are the Courts of Athens.

If you have noticed any problems in the content of the website related to legal or ethical issues, please notify us at [email protected] in order to proceed with their immediate treatment.